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Coerver Coaching Soccer Moves to Beat an Opponent

Coerver Coaching is the best soccer coaching method around. It's all about making soccer players more comfortable on the soccer ball and giving them the skills to feel comfortable in pressure situations on the soccer field.

And, perhaps above all, the Coerver Coaching method is about dribbling past defenders and creating scoring opportunities for yourself or your team. After all, what makes a player unique is their skill on the ball and if they can get past a defender with a fake or a move.

Also, it doesn't matter what position you play in soccer, whether your a defender or a forward, in the game today, all players should have skill on the ball to beat players on the dribble. Even goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer are beating players on the dribble!

If you watch Barcelona or Arsenal or other top teams in the world, you'll see that their defenders or wide outside backs are getting into the attack and beating players on the dribble to cross the ball into the box.

Here's a good list of soccer moves from Coerver Coaching that are helpful when trying to beat a defender on the soccer pitch. But, as with all soccer dribbling moves, the key part of the move is setting up the defender and then the change of pace after you've done the move.

Try to lull the defender to sleep by dribbling at a slow pace and then blow past them after you perform the move or feint. If the timing isn't right, and you can't beat your defender, play the ball to a teammate and then get the ball back when you're in a one versus one situation again. There's no need to force things when dribbling the soccer ball. Wait for the right moment and in the right part of the field.

Also, if you're making a run, and have already built up speed, a defender who's flat footed can't keep up with you. Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs are very good at this. So it doesn't take much if you're already dribbling at pace towards the defender, just a subtle drop of the shoulder or a feint one way is enough to throw the defender off.

Subtle moves are often the best moves in soccer. There's no need to be Cristiano Ronaldo and do a thousand step overs. Watch how Messi dribbles the ball close to him and cuts past defenders at will. Sure, a step over is a great move but there's no need to get overly fancy.

1 Hip Swivel -- Fake with inside of one foot by swivelling hips toward ball, then reverse direction and take the ball with the inside of the other foot.

2 Mathews -- Fake with inside of foot nudging ball by dipping shoulder, then take ball in the opposite direction with the outside of same foot. (explode)

3 Cap -- Cut ball with inside of foot slightly backward and take ball ahead with the inside of the opposite foot.

4 Stepover -- With ball moving, stepover ball so ball is outside of stepover foot, turn and take the ball with the other foot.

5 Scissors over ball -- Step behind ball as if preparing to take it with the outside of one foot, then step over the ball and take it with the outside of the other foot.

6 Rivolino -- Same as stepover, but take the ball with outside of stepover foot.

7 Vee -- Fake pass with instep (across body), pull ball back with sole and take in opposite direction with the inside of the same foot.

8 Cruyff -- Fake kick with inside of foot, but instead pull ball behind the standing leg and change directions.

9 Inside of foot cut -- Cut the ball across body with inside of foot while simultaneously stepping over it and take with outside of opposite foot.

10 3/4 Inside of foot turn -- Cut ball back with inside of foot, continue turning 3/4 of the way around and take the ball with the inside of the same foot

11 3/4 Outside of foot turn -- Cut ball back with outside of foot, continue turning 3/4 of the way around and take the ball with the outside of the same foot

12 Scissors behind ball -- Step behind ball as if preparing to take it with outside of one foot, fake, then take it with the outside of the opposite foot. (easy to learn)

13 Scissors in front of ball -- Step behind ball as if preparing to take it with outside of one foot, then step around front of ball and take it with outside ofthe other foot.

14 Double Scissors -- Push ball forward, make alternate scissors steps and take with outside of first foot. (ineffective close to opponent)

15 Reverse Mathews -- Fake with outside of one foot, step behind and take with outside of opposite foot. (also called body swerve or Touch 'n go)

16 Stepover - Scissors -- Ball rolling. Stepover followed by scissors with same foot and take with outside of other foot.

17 Front Roll -- While moving forward, pull ball across body with sole and take with outside of opposite foot.

18 Scotch -- With ball moving, step over and ahead of ball; tap the ball forward with the opposite foot behind the stepover foot. Explode.

Learn more about Coerver Coaching and these moves here, choose from a number of different soccer DVDs or watch the videos online.

Source: BigSoccer Forum

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