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The Little Genius: David Silva

By Nicholas Spiller

Who says big things don’t come in small packages? David Silva, one of Spain’s finest recent creations, stands at a rather diminutive 5’7” but creates giant and magnificent plays on the pitch with his immense soccer talent.

Getty Images

Born in the Canary Islands, David Silva began his early soccer playing days as a goalkeeper. His height would have prevented him from making much of an impact in the professional game as a shot-stopper, so he transitioned to the outfield, and has made his mark as a winger. One of his greatest assets is his supreme balance, perhaps something he learned while playing keeper as a youngster.

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He might have given Iker Casillas a run for his money if he stayed in goal. Thankfully though we get to see his genius on the soccer field.

Silva embarked on his youth career at Valencia F.C. in Spain. After a few successful loan spells he made his way into the first team in 2006 and never looked back. He became an immediate first team player and finished his career there with 155 starts, 29 goals, and 40 assists. He seemingly made an impact each and every time he played.

Also in 2006, at age 20, David Silva received his first international call up to the Spain national team after many successes with the youth side. He has repeatedly been in the side since and has made many great plays. He had a large part in the EURO 2008 Spain side that won the tournament. He was included in the 2010 World Cup winning side as well, but only played sparingly because there were too many other big names ahead of him on the team, from Xavi to Iniesta to Xabi Alonso.

In the summer of 2010 big spenders Manchester City came calling. Ignoring other offers from Barcelona and Real Madrid, David Silva decided to roll the dice with the Blues in England so he could play in the English Premier League. He now graces the stage of the world’s biggest matches as he plays in the Champions’ League regularly.

David Silva has developed a very threatening playing style that is well-suited to place him on the wing. His low center of gravity allows him to make tremendous plays with ease. He has exceptional ball control and dribbling skills which enable him to keep the ball close at all times as he weaves through defenders. His quick skills also keep defenders on their toes and on their backs as well.

Lastly, he possesses a wonderfully crafted final shot that is all about placement over power. His controlled shots force goalies to their absolute limit in making saves. Here are some of Silva's best goals:


David Silva is now a key player in Man City’s side. So far, this season has been his best. He has already scored 4 goals and has 10 assists in all competitions. His seven assists in Premier League fixtures are the most in England. He was named the EPL’s player of the month in September, and the success of the club early this season can be largely attributed to him. At only 25, David Silva has the talent and drive to become one of the world’s best soccer players.

Finally, Silva has had a bit of resurgence playing for Manchester City under manager Pep Guardiola. Not sure if Guardiola deserves a ton of the credit or it's just Silva getting more comfortable playing in the English Premier League, but he's surely playing with more confidence and happy with Guardila's quick passing style of play. What's certainly true though is Silva just wants to win games and be the best soccer player he can be. Guardiola even called him an "animal":

"David Silva is hugely competitive, everyone knows his skills, there is no doubt -- a blind guy is able to see that -- but you cannot imagine how competitive he is," Guardiola said.

"He is a stylish guy, but he is an animal, always wanting to win games."


Nicholas Spiller is a freelance soccer writer and can be reached at:

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