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Adidas MiCoach Smart Soccer Ball

Simply put, having more data and statistics only helps you as a soccer player and or as a soccer coach. So it makes sense to use a soccer ball that can record data about how well you or your players are striking the soccer ball. The MiCoach smart ball shows how much power, bend and speed you or the players you're coaching are getting when they strike the soccer ball.

This is where the adidas MiCoach smart soccer ball comes in. It records data and then you can look at it on your smart phone during a soccer training session to analysis your ability to strike the ball.
Get the smart ball here: Shop

The smart ball is also a really useful tool for young soccer players, those who are just starting and learning how to strike the ball with more power or bend. Recording data at the beginning and then showing them their progress is a good way to show them how their training and hard work is paying off as they see improvement in their shots power or bend.

The adidas MiCoach is the smartest soccer ball in the game. Learn more about the MiCoach soccer ball in the video below. Plus, right now the MiCoach soccer ball is on sale, at half price, it was $200 and now its $99. Really, you can't beat that price for such a useful soccer ball and teaching tool.


Some more info about the smart soccer ball from Adidas:

Develop your ability to control, strike and manipulate the soccer ball so your on-pitch skills are at their best. The adidas Smart Ball training system connects to your smartphone to give instant feedback on power, spin, strike and trajectory, along with exclusive tips and guidance, helping you learn and improve with every kick. Download the adidas Smart Ball app from your app store.

Overall though, the smart ball is mainly for shooting and gauging how much you're bending the ball and or how much power you're getting. But you are still getting a high quality soccer ball even if you don't use the app or the smart ball aspects all that much in your training sessions.

If you're a soccer coach, perhaps it's good to get one smart ball for the team, so players can share it and try it out.

The adidas smart ball app also comes with some good videos and tools for players who are just learning about the game of soccer.

And of course if you want to improve as a player you have to spend time with the ball on your own, working on your game and trying to get better. If you love the game and playing it, then you'll put in the time and it really won't even seem like work.

Here's a good and very detailed review of the smart ball and what you can do with it as a player or soccer coach:


Get the MiCoach smart ball from adidas here: Shop

• Compatible with Bluetooth Smart capable devices using iOS (ver. 7 or later), Android (4.3 or later) or Windows 10
• Size 5 regulation weight, highest quality thermal bonded 32-panel ball; Requires inflation
• Battery life: approx 2,000 kicks / one week
• Charging time: approx 1 hr
• Package includes charging base and AC power plug
• Imported
• Product code: G83963
• Product color: White

Again, what's clear is this is a just a quality soccer ball in and of itself, but you also get the added benefits of stats via the adidas app that show you how much power or bend you're getting with each strike on goal. Really, if you want a soccer ball of this quality you'll end up spending in the range of $100 anyway.

I recently used the ball, knocking it against a wall and juggling with it for an hour or so, and it has a good feel and give - he comes off the wall directly and you can get a good touch with it when you're juggling with it. So it's a good soccer ball and the fact that it also records data doesn't hinder it, rather it's just an added benefit.

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