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Amazing First Appearances

It’s amazing how many players score on their debut, and then even more amazing how many players score against their former club. Players raise their level for their first game with a new club, they want to prove to the fans and their teammates they’re worth the big bucks that were shelled out. Then, perhaps more so, they want to prove to the team they used to play for that they made a mistake in trading them—and come out with a revenge goal on their mind.

But really, it all comes down to players showing their talent right from the start, the good ones don’t waste any time.

Take Robinho for example, in his first game for Real Madrid – it’s as though he thrives off this stuff. What others might look upon as pressure. Smartly, he can’t wait to get on the pitch and play with Ronaldo and Zidane – who wouldn’t want to play with these guys, right? Robinho is electric in this game. Watch Robinho's first game for Real Madrid.

I wanted to take a look at some of the more incredible debuts. Those players who were nearly pitch perfect on their first appearance. Players who increase the number of season ticket holders right after their first game. Players whose jersey’s jump off the shelves after they’re signed, and then sell even more after their debut. There are those players that step right into the limelight and the pressure and eat it up—they thrive off it. That’s why they’re paid the big bucks. And many times their debuts start with a goal. Take a look at some of these videos below.

The true test of an amazing debut, or the criteria here should be the players' first professional game, that is the true pressure cooker. More on this to come.

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