Ana Paula Oliveira – Brazilian Referee

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Ana Paula Oliveira – Brazilian Referee

Ana Paula is a 29 year old Brazilian soccer referee who posed for the Brazilian version of Playboy magazine back in July of 2007. Reportedly she earned $250,000 for the appearance. She was not allowed to referee after her naked pictures appeared in Playboy magazine, perhaps she might have been a distraction to the players.

But now Ana Paula Oliveira is back at work, on the sidelines that is, refereeing more Brazilian soccer but in the lower divisions. Oliveira has made a few controversial errors in the past but has high hopes. She dreams of being a referee at the World Cup.  Her time might come, Brazil is set to host the tournament in 2014, maybe she’ll get her shot.

On the other hand, this might be one way to draw in more fans at the MLS games, if we can’t bring over Ronaldinho, let’s bring over another Brazilian, even if Oliveira is just a referee or a lineswomen.  That’s one way to put more fans in the seats.

After 245 days of a suspension and a Playboy cover, the most famous and beloved linesperson in the soccer world is back! Ana Paula Oliveira worked this Saturday in a match of the Paulista Championship. Well, there was no glamour. It was a game for the second division of the state championship between São José and Taquaritinga which ended with a 1 draw in São José dos Campos.

Turns out she got a commerical for Brut out of the whole thing:

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