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Beckham Confronts Fan

Mind you, this is Beckham confronting one of his own fans at the half, a member of the LA Riot Squad. He then goes out and sends in the cross that ties the game. A game against the Italian side he went and played on loan for, and the team he wants to go back and play for. Could the MLS have asked for a better dramatic story?

I think this might have been scripted, but it deviated from the plot a bit, Posh was supposed to confront the fan at the half and not her husband. She was supposed to run out at the half, in high heels and purse in hand, and maybe her sons along with her, to take on the Riot Squad.

Beckham said: "One of the guys was saying things that wasn't very nice. It was stepping over the line," Beckham said. "I said, 'You need to calm down and come shake my hand,' and he jumped over."

If the Galaxy make the playoffs and do some damage, perhaps get to the final, what more could they want. If you did a TV mini-series about this, it would seem too fake.


It did take some Golden Balls to go up and challenge his own fans. Don't think it was the smartest thing to do, but I'm sure some of the other professional athletes in the United States can understand where Beckham is coming from. The worry for Beckham though has to be what is going to receive at away games? The good thing for Becks is he only has five or six more Galaxy games, and then the playoffs, which the Galaxy will make this year.

And I understand some of the frustration with Beckham. He makes a ton of money compared to his teammates and he maybe has shown some frustration with the MLS and dismissed the league in a sense. However, he did come back. He is an exceptional player. He makes other players around him better.

What's without Beckham argument? The MLS and the Galaxy don't sign Beckham, but instead sign a bunch of Kyle Beckerman type players - quality players that will die for your team. The Galaxy make the playoffs and maybe even win the league and the fans are happy?

But there's no change to the style of play in the MLS. I'd argue that Beckham brings an intensity and professionalism to the league. He brings a sharpness and an ability that nobody else in the league possesses. Can anyone in the MLS or in the world hit a long ball like Beckham? I'd say the MLS will miss Beckham when he's gone and all the cameras and drama he brings when he plays. Oh yeah, and all the jerseys and tickets he helps sell.

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