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Beckham's Buy Micro Pigs

I wonder if this will inspire families around the United States to kick their cats and dogs to the curb and buy a pen for a couple new little piglets. If the Beckhams are doing it then surely everyone else will want one.

Can you imagine though? Yeah, these things might look sweet and cute but I'm sure they give off a pretty good stench. But hey, perhaps they're good for the environment, as they will eat nearly anything. They can replace those worm boxes nobody was getting, just put them under your sink and they can act as the garbage disposal.


From the NY Daily News:

Not many pet owners can spend it like Beckham.

The Posh family reportedly dropped more than $2,000 on a pair of micro pigs, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The teacup-sized swine are said to being pampered at David and Victoria Beckham’s Hertfordshire estate.

While the former Spice Girl reportedly wants to name the costly crossbreeds Elton and David, after her close friends Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, the football star would prefer to call them Pinky and Perky.


What was perhaps even funnier was the NY Times take on the pig purchase, saying perhaps they might name them Landon and Donovan:

Perhaps the best evidence of restored tranquillity in Beckham’s life is that he and wife, Victoria, are making tabloid headlines not in scandal, but for the aching decision of what to name their teacup-size pet pigs. Victoria apparently wants to name them after Elton John and his partner, and David favors Pinky and Perky.

If he does not name them Landon and Donovan, well, at least the two have mended their differences on the field. On Sunday, Beckham called Donovan “an exceptional player, an exceptional human being as well.” If there is any private tension, it is not evident in public.


What's up with David wanting to go with Pinky and Perky?

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