British Woman Pregnant with Donovan’s Child?

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British Woman Pregnant with Donovan’s Child?

Good grief. It really is the highs and lows for Landon Donovan. He went from national hero to the United States dropping out of the World Cup to a tabloid story. Sports Illustrated and are saying that a British woman says she is pregnant with Donovan’s child:

According to SI, a British tabloid is set to run a story in which a U.K. woman says she is pregnant with Donovan’s child.

“I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support,” Donovan reportedly told

Donovan and his wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, announced their separation last summer, though the split was said to be amicable. A divorce has not been finalized.

In fact, the two appeared to be close to reconciliation. In several recent interviews, Donovan publically thanked her for helping him mature and blew her a kiss after on-camera remarks at the World Cup.

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I’m sure more will be coming out about this in the next few hours. Crazy though, sounds like Donovan is conceding that he may indeed be the father of the child. He was playing for Everton for 10 weeks. He was over there. His life is getting more Beckhamish by the day.

This might all be squashed tomorrow, but Donovan was set to command a lot of money for endorsement deals I’m sure. This, however, could put a lid on some of that big money.

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