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Brutal Knee to the Head in Utah Girls High School Soccer Game

There's no place in the game of soccer for this. It's like something out of UFC (Ultimate Fighing Championship), where a knee to the head might win you the match and knock your opponent out cold. And remember, this is just a high school girls soccer match in Utah. I thought Utah was a friendly place. I guess the rivalry between Woods Cross High versus Salt Lake City East High is pretty serious.

The player goes down, and apparently tore a ligament in her ankle, so she couldn't get up or protect herself as the girl decides to knee her in the head when she was down. By the way, there was no yellow or red card for this, as the referee must have been blind.

This isn't the first time a girls soccer game got physical, remember this. Girls don't mess around when they attack. I always remember girls pulling earrings out of other girls ears when they got in fights.


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