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Bubble Soccer Is Real

Who knew bubble soccer was a real thing? You know, with actual bubble soccer leagues and teams and so forth. I thought bubble soccer was just a joke.

But these days, as soccer grows in popularity, you're bound to end up with some funny and strange games that grow out of the sport of soccer. Heck, soccer golf seems to even becoming a popular game while actually golf is becoming a little less popular. So, here's to all those bubble soccer players out there. It sure does look like fun though...take a look to this bubble soccer game set to the music from Super Mario Brothers.


And now Barcelona has gotten into the bubble soccer trend. As they have a bit of fun during one of their training sessions playing bubble soccer. If Barcelona is doing it then I guess every soccer club and team just play some bubble soccer, right?


The FC Barcelona players had a whale of a time in their final soccer training session at St George's Park, Birmingham, when rather than a normal workout, they instead had a bash at the cracking new craze of bubble football. It's a game in which the only rule seems to be that there are no rules, and in which off-the-ball tackles are not only legal but form part of the tactics! But instead of crashing to the ground, tackled players simply bounce around for a while before scrambling back onto their feet.

Winning the game often takes second place in the list of priorities as players battle to gain revenge on the most mischievous of tackles - for which team-mates are often as much to blame as opponents! Two games were played: one between players and then one between the players and the coaches.

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