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Chelsea Versus Spurs - Epic Game

One of my favorite soccer blogs was saying this was an amazing game, and after seeing the highlights below, there’s no doubt it was.

Back and forth the game went, and the title hopes for Chelsea may have slipped away as they conceded points with this draw. Berbatov even had the chance to win the game in the dying minutes, cutting sharply past a sliding defender, only for Cudicini to rob the Spurs of all the glory.

I guess Abramovich can’t complain too much now about the lack of goals or exciting football, but would the special one have won this game—locked things down when they were up 3-1? Does the Russian tycoon want titles or the beautiful game? With the amount of money he’s put into the side I think he wants and will demand both.

The EPL is only going to get better, with the quality coaches that are heading up teams like the Spurs, the title races will only get tighter in the years to come.

Chelsea 1 - Tottenham 0

Drogba nodded the ball down and threw the legs of goalkeeper Robinson for the first goal, after a zipped in cross from John Terrry.  For a defender, Terry certainly gets into the attack quite often--he's always involved in goals.

Chelsea 1 - Tottenham 1

Woodgate climbed up and over a few defenders for a marvelous header to tie the game.  It’s sweet to see Woodgate score a goal and seem to fit so well into the Spurs side. At Madrid, he came on for his first game and scored an own goal and then struggled with injury after injury.  Heard his Spanish was a few notches above Beckham's though.

Chelsea 2 - Tottenham 1

Essien cleverly flicked the ball up and into the top corner of the net to put the game at 2-1.  There's no other midfielder with his strength and fight in any league.  Joe Cole went at the central defense to create the goal.

Chelsea 3 - Tottenham 1

Joe Cole, one versus one with the keeper got a fortunate deflection that took the ball into the back of the net.  Cole is the most skillful player England has right now.

Chelsea 3 - Tottenham 2

Berbatov, I can see why he was so sought after, by clubs like Liverpool.  He lofted in header from a corner and there were still 30 minutes left to go.  The game now still in reach for Tottenham.

Chelsea 3 - Tottenham 3

Huddleston lasered in the third goal for Tottenham with his left foot, again from a corner.

Chelsea 4 - Tottenham 3

Joe Cole again placed his hand on his heart after scoring the seemingly game winning goal.  He turned at the top of the box after a pass from Drogba.  The ball was a bit behind him as he was looking for a through pass.  It was a sort of something out of nothing turn that a player in top form can make.

Chelsea 4 - Tottenham 4

Robbie Keane stroked home the goal that tied the game after the ball came off the back of Carvalho.  A long pass up field caught Carvalho as his back was turned.  Keane is a player that you only want to see do well and cheer for.

It's tough to have a favorite club to watch in the EPL these days.  But more and more the Spurs are gaining my love.

The Highlights


Hat tip to SoccerBlog for the video.

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