Clint Dempsey Goal Against Ghana

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Clint Dempsey Goal Against Ghana

A great goal by a player who will hopefully now go play in Europe, check it out….great pass too by Beasley. 

UPDATE: Dempsey signs with Fulham & Dempsey’s First Goal for Fulham I’m sure there are a number of details involved in the contract but it seems like you’ve got to let your best players go and get better in Europe or elsewhere. It’s a shame the deals couldn’t have been done just after the World Cup and when the leagues in Europe started. Dempsey scored a great goal and has the fire to play in Europe. Plus, he stands to deservedly boost his current income considerably…


Dempsey’s transfer was worth $4 million, a Major League Soccer record, and it happened to be the first significant move of a player since the league’s board of governors voted to increase teams’ shares in transfer fees.

So it seems the Revolution are in position to make significant additions, since their portion of the Dempsey transfer is $2.64 million. Previously, MLS teams received very little of the transfer fee and had no direct control in reinvesting that money. But though the Revolution have received more transfer money than any previous MLS team, they can use only $500,000 of it for an "allocated player." The other $2.14 million must be "reinvested in the MLS product in some way," according to MLS deputy commissioner Ivan Gazidis. "It could be training facilities, player development, it could be infrastructure." Read more…

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