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Clint Dempsey's New Truck

Despite not having scored a goal for the Seattle Sounders yet, Clint Dempsey decided to use some of the $5,038,566.50 in guaranteed compensation per year he's getting playing for the Seattle Sounders to buy a truck that would be worthy of something the Dark Knight might own.

While it's certainly Clint Dempsey's money to spend and he's certainly earned it over the years playing in Europe, he hasn't yet made his mark for the Sounders. If I was Dempsey I might wait until I scored a few goals before tweeting out a picture of a new all black Ford truck that Batman would drive. But this would all be forgiven if Dempsey goes out tonight and knocks in a few goals versus the LA Galaxy or drives the Sounders to the MLS finals.

Obviously, Dempsey has had a tremendous career and can do whatever he wants with his money, but it just seems like he should wait until he's scored some goals and settled in at Seattle before posting something like this. And we're assuming this is his new truck....

Also, when his buddy Eddie Johnson is making such a small salary, you'd think he might hold off on perhaps flaunting his high salary with a new truck like this - maybe get something a little more understated...not a Prius or a Ford Focus, but maybe not this audacious. Still, Dempsey is a very skillful and very determined player, maybe he'll lead the Sounders to an MLS title and this will be a moot point.

Update: Clint Dempsey has obviously been a wonderful signing for the Seattle Sounders, scoring and creating goals and just giving them that fighting spirit and confience that they can win when he's on the field. He can buy and drive whatever truck he wants. He's scored nearly 50 goals for the Sounders since his signing.

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