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Coerver Coaching

Coerver Coaching Ultimate Bundle

Coerver Session Planner

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The Coerver Coaching Ultimate Bundle

Coerver Coaching Bundle

Are you a soccer coach? Are you looking for a soccer coaching DVD? Want soccer practices that your players will enjoy? You'll get all this and much more with the Ultimate Bundle. And now you can download the videos and watch them online too.

How would you like to have every Coerver Coaching DVD and Ebook in one easy to use complete system...

Well, now you can. Announcing the Coerver Coaching’s ULTIMATE BUNDLE.

Buy Now for $297

When you use this system to prepare your soccer practices, your players will improve and enjoy their soccer more...Guaranteed.

But first, let me tell you why you should listen to us and follow the Coerver Coaching method as a soccer coach.

Coerver Coaching co-founders Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke developed these DVDs from 28 years of knowledge and work around the world at all levels of the game - from grass roots to leading National Teams and pro Clubs.

Alf has gained a reputation over the last 30 years as being one of the leading technical skill teaching experts in the World. This knowledge & reputation has seen Alf working with some of the world's leading Nations and pro clubs that include:

  • The Premier League
  • The English F.A.
  • The French Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Australia
  • Japanese Football Association
  • Arsenal FC
  • Bayern Munich FC
  • Real Madrid CF
  • Newcastle United FC

Charlie played for Aberdeen and Dundee in the Scottish First Division before joining Chelsea in the English First Division in 1966 where he played for the next 11 years. He made 380 league and Cup appearances for the Blues and played in four Cup Finals, winning the English F.A. Cup in 1970 against Leeds and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1971 against Real Madrid.

He also played 16 times for the Scottish National Team and a World Select Team in 1979. He shares the Chelsea club record of three Player of The Year awards with Gianfranco Zola and in 2005 Chelsea’s Centenary celebration year he was selected for the Chelsea All Time XI.

But don't think this is just for the Pros. Charlie Cooke, Coerver co-founder says,

"This is a fantastic resource for coaches of all levels, whether you are a first timer or an experienced club or college coach”.

Buy Now for $297

So, what's included in this bundle?

Inside the Coever Coaching Ultimate bundle you’ll get:

Super Soccer Package. Which includes Make Your Move & New Era DVDs (5 discs). MAKE YOUR MOVE is a proven system that will improve all players, guaranteed! This best seller is considered a Coerver classic and an essential resource for any coach or player.

Improve Your Game. 3 disc DVD. This series is perfect for parents, coaches and players to work with small groups or even practice at home. Many of the drills can be used alone or with the help of your parents, friends or team mates. Players, you can also set personal bests and compete with your friends or even your parents in different skills. The disks enable you to polish your skills year round.

Session Planner DVD & Ebook. This 5 disc DVD and 75 page Ebook is the simplest way to easily create effective practice plans that will improve, motivate and inspire your players over the entire season. You can also view the Ebook and video on your smart phone and ipad.

Goalkeeping Essentials. This DVD includes drills that can be modified for different skill levels, ages and field conditions. Whether you're just starting out, or looking for advanced techniques you’ll see why the “Pyramid of Goalkeeping” is the simplest, fastest way to train goalies.
PLUS our NEW video download, Play Like the Stars. With this download you get AMAZING SKILLS from the legends of the game. A simple and effective method of breaking down and teaching these skills. You’ll find it easy to pick up and FUN TOO!

Buy Now for $297

Whether you're just starting out, or an elite soccer coach, you’ll see why Coerver Coaching’s Ultimate bundle is all you will ever need to improve, motivate and inspire your players for the coming soccer season.

1. Best value! Order both ONLINE & DVD ULTIMATE BUNDLE
Retail price is $680 Yours for $397 SAVE $280! Order Now (€ 324)
2. Online Ultimate Bundle
Retail price is $630 Yours for $347 SAVE $270! Order Now (€ 283)
3. DVD Ultimate Bundle Retail Price is $514 Yours for $297 SAVE $217! Order Now (€242 )

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Coerver Coaching
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Coerver Coaching's Online Youth Diploma
Want Soccer Practices That Players Enjoy? You'll get all this & much more from this coaching course. Take it from the comfort of your home. Further your education in soccer skills training. Instant Access Now!

Coerver Coaching Ultimate Bundle

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