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Cristiano Ronaldo's Diet: What Foods Keeps Him Forever Young?

Cristiano Ronaldo turned 34-years old on the 5th of February. Despite his age, the Portuguese football legend and five-time Ballon d’Or winner continues play at the top-level. There are no signs that Ronaldo is slowing down and it is possible he could keep going well into his 40s. Ronaldo fans can follow the Juventus forward and keep up with his performance related odds with TopBet promo where all the latest bonuses are updated on a regular basis.

Having said this, Ronaldo’s training regime and diet are key reasons for his incredible fitness. They are also the explanation for Ronaldo’s longevity as an elite soccer player. So, what foods are on Ronaldo’s plate? And how does his nutrition keep him outplaying soccer players who are 10 years younger?

Ronaldo’s Diet Secret

Many football/soccer fans and players believe Cristiano Ronaldo starves himself to get his rock-hard abs and defined upper body. But that couldn’t be more incorrect. Rather than eating less, Ronaldo eats more food. He has to fuel his body to perform at a high level and to complete his incredible soccer training regime. Often times, when Ronaldo isn’t on the pitch in games or training, he can be found in the gym.

Fans forget that Ronaldo was a scrawny teenager when he arrived at Manchester United in 2003. He quickly dedicated himself to developing his training regime and diet. Both have made him the “most athletic” football/soccer player of all-time. If this has inspired your faith in the athlete, you can visit this site to get the latest football updates as well as relevant bonuses and promo codes.

One of the most important diet secrets Ronaldo has shared with the media is his eating habits. The Juventus star can eat up to six small meals a day. Perhaps that is partly due to his upbringing in Portugal, but he burns off calories quickly with the amount of training he does every day. There are no off days for Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet: Breakfast

Breakfast has always been called the most important meal of the day. Why? Because the calories consumed will fuel the body and the foods can influence how a person goes about the rest of the day. A player who eats a heavy, greasy meal can feel the effects into the afternoon. An individual who eats a healthy, nutritious breakfast can be thriving on the pitch when others are fading.
According to Men’s Health, Ronaldo starts the day with ham and cheese, croissants, and toast with avocado. But he isn’t done there. Ronaldo eats yoghurt and fruit as he packs away the food. He tops it all off with orange juice and coffee. It is a very continental breakfast.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet: Lunch

Lunch can see Ronaldo eat any number of dishes. But his favourites are always seafood-based. The forward is crazy about fish like gilt-head bream, swordfish and sea bass.

However, Ronaldo’s favourite lunchtime option is ‘bacalhau a braz’. What is bacalhau a braz? It is a plate of shredded cod, onions, potatoes, boiled eggs, and black olives.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet: Dinner

Ronaldo’s dinners can resemble his lunches. But the key to any meal that he eats is protein. He also washes his meals down with water. Ronaldo has stated he stays away from sugary drinks including soda and alcohol. Processed foods are also something that won’t be found on Ronaldo’s plate.
One of Ronaldo’s favourite snacks, and sometimes dinner, is sardines on crusty bread. Ronaldo may also chow down on calamari, tuna, and eggs during dinner or snacks.

Ronaldo is the perfect role model when it comes to fitness and diet. He lives a very healthy lifestyle and young players should emulate it.


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