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Mr. David Hirshey

I'm a big fan of a few different blogs, Dunord, That's on Point, and David Hirshey's writing on DeadSpin. And, from time to time Hirshey writes for the New York Times, as he does here, writing about his love for Arsenal.

But my devotion to Arsenal doesn’t exactly scream mental health. As my teenage daughter put it recently when I interrupted a vacation in Spain to travel six hours for a glimpse of my favorite player, Thierry Henry, who after eight electrifying years at Arsenal had vamoosed to the powerhouse Barcelona club, “Sometimes I think you love Arsenal more than your family.” Nonsense, I told her, I love you both the same.

Hirshey also has the great post on Beckham's first game for the LA Galaxy. It's hilarious and worth a read. Searching for Beckham finding Alexa.

Who am I a devote follower of, what team? The article made me think about this. I tend to follow more individual players at times, say rooting for Fulham with Dempsey or Tevez now at Man U. My allegiances don't have a father son dynamic. If Beckham's playing then I'm going to watch LA play, especially if the Spanish television keeps flashing to the ladies in attendance. How's that Hirshey? Maybe that's my allegiance.















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