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Diego Costa Loves His Gloves

Why does Chelsea's Diego Costa wear gloves in every game? At first I thought Diego Costa only just starting wearing gloves since he started playing in the English Premier League for Chelsea - you know, because it's a bit colder in England than Spain. But Costa also wore gloves when he played for Atletico Madrid in La Liga, although they were black gloves instead of the blue ones he wears for Chelsea.

I wonder how many young soccer players or even other players in the English Premier League are going to start wearing gloves...if they work for Diego Costa why not try them. You know, maybe Fernando Torres will try wearing gloves to see if it will help him score goals again.

What's funny though is how Costa isn't wearing a long sleeve jersey when he wears the gloves most of the time - there's plenty of skin exposed to the cold in his short sleeved shirt, but his hands are warm!

Don't talk to Roy Keane about these gloves though, remember how mad he got about players wearing the snood when they were playing - he basically called them babies for wearing these scarf like neck warmers in games.

But for Diego Costa, if he keeps scoring while wearing gloves I don't think he'll take them off even when it's hot outside. And I bet Chelsea is selling out of these gloves at their stores and online.

Here's a fan on Twitter who bought the gloves that Diego Costa wears for Chelsea:


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