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EPL Coaching Talk: Do You Miss Mourinho?

"I will love Chelsea forever"  - Mourinho

I miss him. I’m sure you miss his confidence, the haughtiness almost, the near arrogance, his dance down the sideline when his team scored, as if he's done the scoring himself, and his steely eyed intensity.

Abramovich was disgruntled with Chelsea's style of play, wanted more goals and more of the beautiful game rather than draws and hunkering down. But you can't have a it both ways, wanting titles but demanding you win with grace. Real Madrid was of the same mind, and sacked Capello after he won the title. It's a tough business this football managing.

Mourinho - The Special One

Sure, his replacement, Avram Grant, has done and is doing a fine job, the Israeli still has Chelsea in the hunt.  Grant is the complete opposite of Mourinho, doesn’t want or know how to take up the spotlight, just what Abramovich was looking for. But if Avram doesn’t pass his coaching exams, he might not last too long as the commander of the Chelsea ship.  Doubtful, but funny nonetheless to think about, coach sacked for not getting his credentials.

The main thing though is I think the English Premier League is missing Mourinho.  He brought that bravado that the EPL needed and was lacking.  There are less finger nail biting matches with him gone--he seemed to perforate all matches.   And surely the news pundits miss him. No more great quotes or funny interviews.

However, Abramovich was disgruntled with Chelsea's style of play.  He wanted more goals and more of the beautiful game rather than draws and hunkering down. But you can't have a it both ways, wanting titles but demanding you win with grace. Real Madrid was of the same mind though, they sacked Capello after he won the La Liga title. It's a tough business this football managing. You've got to win trophies and pile on the goals.

To the point though, the fight in the premier league is just not there. The two stalwarts, Ferguson and Wrenger, will always have a bit of fight in them, and this battle could continue to brew, but with Mourinho in the pot there was always the possibility of the pot boiling over.

The new coach for Tottenham Hotspurs, Juande Ramos, has brought in some spirit to a side I’ve always enjoyed watching, with Robbie Keane in the club.  Robbie being one of the most excitable players in the league. But the absence of Mourinho, his arrogance and determination, make the EPL a bit tired at times. The same old top two chasing one another and the verbal jousts too old school.

There is some drama over at the reds camp though. Rafa, the other Spaniard, who’s still at the helm for Liverpool, added a compatriot, ‘El Nino’ or Mr. Fernando Torres, whose abilities have helped transform the club I’d say. Torres adds some flair and style that I miss in the reds club. I miss the McManaman to Folwer connection, where there were numerous trianglular passes with Barnes or Redknapp at the swivel.  The spice boys era.  But the American owners admitted they’d talked to Jurgen Klinsmann, and that nearly was the self afflicted downfall for Rafa. He won’t take that. He’s won a Champions League title for this club don’t forget.  He'll move on himself.

The EPL could heat up quick though. A couple losses or draws here and there, and more clubs will have a run at the title. The signing of Nicolas Anelka gives more life to Cheslea, to their own title race and the league itself, stirring things up a bit—but Manchester United and Cheslea might be too far ahead already.

Then there’s the addition of Kevin Keegan into the mix, as he’s re-joined Newcastle. However, those in the know say he’s just planning on staying above the fray and not going to push too hard. He just doesn’t want to go near the drop zone. He doesn’t plan on spending much money or playing an attacking style that will risk defeats. He’s banking on next year.

As far as other coaches, there’s David Moyes at Everton (always near the top even though he's Rooney less) and Sven-Goran Eriksson at Manchester City—who early on appeared to have a strong shot at a top four finish. You’d think a former England coach would inspire a bit more ruckus in the media, but Sven learned his lessons, and stays out of the flashes.

Further down there’s the former Celtic man, Martin O'Neill at Aston Villa, the lucky charmer.  And red faced Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth. And then there’s Roy Keane, who looks like he’ll keep Sunderland at the top flight and in years to come I’m sure we’ll see and hear some exciting quotes from Roy.  I just wish you could still hear Mourinho smack talking and see him on the sidelines in full grimace in the EPL.

On a final note, I do like seeing Capello in the stands spying on new recruits for England, as he too is demanding and nearly arrogant, perhaps more justifiably than Mourinho, with all of his titles. He's the king. He can even snub Beckham if he wants.

See there rest of the documentary on Jose Mourinho.


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