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Landon Donovan's Goal in Pictures

A goal for the history books: Donovan's game winner versus Algeria in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, at the death, late, late, late in injury time. The United States had to score to move on to the round of 16.

Donovan did just that. Here's the goal and the ensuing celebration in pictures, with captions provided by Donovan. Well, if he'd say crazy, silly stuff like this, 'Hey Bianca, let's make some babies'. He might though, if he was really ecstatic like you'd think he'd be after scoring such a big goal.

I slot the ball home smooth as can be. That's how I do it.

The ball is in the net. Game over. On to the next one. Clint, I got you. Clint, I see you.

Keeper never had a chance. Buddle, look, that's how you do it. Write history my son. Write some history in the books.

Biancaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bianca! I love you.....let's get back together and make babies. Little Landitos....Oh wait, I have to tell you something. While I was playing for Everton...I'm sorry, but I may have a son or daughter....

This is incredible......!!! This feels awesome! Biancaaaaaaa!!!! Let's get new tattoos across the inside of our other wrists that say 'beautiful' or maybe a dolphin or a butterfly.

Hell Yeah! Look at me. Look at me.

Look at Benny behind me doing the head back airplane sort thing, Chariots of Fire style. He's the man. He's Brazilian. He can ball. He's going to sign with a good club after this is all over. Mark my words. Listen to me.

Hell, I'm racing to the corner flag you can't stop me. Benny and the Jets. Beniiiiiiy!!! I call him Benji Feilhaber. He's right with me. See Michael Bradley? He's going to join in and maybe even the referee. Come on. Follow me.

I make it look easy. It's just like doing the slip-in slide in Redlands, California during the summer.

Almost there....catch me if you can. Come on. Yeah, race to meet me at the flag. Give me some respect I just won the game. I'm kind of the world.

Me first. I win. Bow down before me.

There's my boy Stuart Holden! Get out of my light man. This is my time. Beckham who. Yeah!! Hey, Grant Wahl, let's try The Donovan Experiment my man. Don't take quotes from me though and mixing around like I'm calling people out. I was just frustrated.

Ok, join in, yes, we did it. Holden, not so damn close.

We're in to the second round......yes, yes, yes! That did hurt a little bit. Watch it, ok, yeah it's cool. All good.

Jozy can get up for sure. He's got hops. He has played really well this tournament. He's a man now. He will play in a big league this next year.

That's my trainer with his arms up. He's French. He's happy. He's cool. It's all good. His name's Pierre, of course. That's Jay Demerit flipping over the top. Alright, get the hell off. Can't breathe. Need some air. Ricardo, get this guys off me. Marcus, you're too big to be jumping on the pile.

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