Euro 2008 Girls

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Euro 2008 Girls

Here are my favorite teams so far in Euro 2008 and a few of their amazing fans. There’s a short paragragh about the teams, but I won’t be bothered if you just look at the pictures.

Holland – The counter attack goal versus Italy was one to remember, and then they want on to smash France as well. The two World Cup finalists routed. Who said this was the Group of Death? Not for Holland. This fan’s team might just win the whole thing.

Holland Soccer Fan

Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo I think will join Real Madrid next year and his Portuguese coach, Scolari, will be glad to seem him go so the new club he’s coaching Chelsea will have a chance to win the EPL.

But there’s still a tournament to play in. With the likes of Deco and Ricardo Carvalho spraying the ball around the Portuguese are a team that is only going to get better as the tournament goes on. Then they’ve also got Nani coming off the bench – he could surprise a few people and take some of the spotlight from Cristiano. Simao isn’t too bad either.

Spain – Sure, this is a modest picture compared to most of the Euro 2008 girls, but Spain is always classy and she doesn’t need to show much to make the top girls list.

David Villa has trumped all the talk about El Nino prior to this tournament. The team is stacked. They’ve got Alonso and Fabregas starting on the bench. The Brazilian born Senna seems like a crucial Makelele like holding midfielder that holds things together.

Germany – Not necessarily one of my favorite teams but this girl deserved to be part of the group. She might just be the best of the group.

If the Polish born Lukas Podolski continues to score goals and his Polish partner Miroslav Klose knocks in a few, you won’t be able to count the Germans out, but you never can. I’d just like to see Ballack work up a bit of a sweat or sprint rather than lumber around the entire time. But perhaps that’s why he’s a world-class player. He makes things look easy.


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