Eva Amurri’s Take on Soccer

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Eva Amurri’s Take on Soccer

Eva Amurri & Kyle Martino

Yeah, we are mainly a soccer training site, focused on providing tips and information about how young players can get better and reach their potential, but from time we do post some good fun and nonsense, as in this story about Eva Amurri tweeting the match between the Portland Timbers and the Philadelphia Union– as we told her, her tweets were both insightful and hilarious.

And, as it is well known, usually it takes an outsider and not an expert to point out interesting aspects or changes that should be implemented in a sport.

Who’s Eva Amurri you might ask, she’s an actress of House and Californication fame. Oh yeah, she happens to be in Maxim from time to time, too.

Sure, her future husband, Kyle Martino, is the one with the true soccer knowledge and the one doing the announcing over in the booth for Fox Soccer, but I say they should have let her offer some tidbits of advice during the match, between sips of wine and the reading of pages of Tina Fey’s new book that is.

Here are just a few of her hilarious tweets about the game:

I like at the end of games when everybody hugs each other. And then take their shirts off, and give each other their sweaty shirts. #WHAT

I wanted to dress up like a mascot, but apparently the Timbers’ mascot is…an axe?? Wah-wahhhh. I guess I’ll find face paint!!

I’m also noticing that a lot of the players are wearing the *same* cleats! Even on opposite teams! #Scandal #WhoWoreItBetter

GOAL Timbers! Now the flags are REALLY waving! …Do I need one of those? Also, sorry for live-blogging this soccer game, but nobody is talking to me. Ok?!

Didn’t know who Tracey Anderson was, Googled her and apparently she’s Gwenth Paltrow’s fitness trainer, whose method focuses on transforming the body by targeting small muscles groups and mixing up your fitness routines, who knew, an yeah, maybe flag waving does work.

Seriously with this flag-waving! Is that part of the Tracey Anderson Method? #MLS #TimbersArmy

This ref doesn’t even realize that the color-blocking fashion *moment* he is werking is seriously "In" right now. Ditto the goalie. #MLS

Timbers: 1, Union: 0, Me: 100.

She jokes about doing a podcast in the tweet below, but that’s something that probably would work. However, I’m sure she’s too busy with movies and TV shows for that type of thing. Nevertheless, told her she should get a gig blogging over at DirtyTackle or doing a fashion run down of the soccer teams for Kickette.

Ha! Thank u! I may need to do a podcast. ;)RT @soccertraining: @EAmurri Please live blog more games. Hilarious and insightful.

@EAmurri Actually, you should contact @dirtytackle about doing a post on your view of soccer or live fashion blog of the game for @kickette

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