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Soccer Free Kick Videos

Want to learn how to take a free kick? Well, just watch the best in the world take free kicks in the videos below. Whether you learn from Beckham, Bale or Ronaldo, anyone of these elite soccer players will do, really.

They're all incredible at bending the soccer ball around the wall and into the back of the net. Heck, even Lionel Messi is scoring off free kicks now - he's not a bad soccer player to model your game after, right?

The free kick in soccer is a game changer and often a game decider. The free kick is one of the few times in soccer the game stops and all eyes are focused on, usually, a small group of two or three players standing around the soccer ball at the top of the goal box as a wall lines up in front of them.  All eyes watch and wait to see if the player can put enough bend on the ball to go around the wall or up and over and into the back of the net for the goalkeeper to pick out as he shakes his head.

Beckham Free Kick

Really though, the free kick is a duel more between one player and the goalkeeper. Can the player bend the ball into the upper corner? Can the player surprise the keeper with a powerful shot over the wall? Can the player knuckle the ball past the keeper like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Here's David Beckham's amazing free kick versus Greece:

Check out these free kick ideas and watch a few of the experts strike the ball from the list of videos below.

Back Post Chip

This free kick is from the New York Red Bulls of the MLS, where the ball is chipped to the back post and then the player heads the ball across the goal mouth. Lloyd Sam gets the finish in this set piece masterclass from the Red Bulls.


More free kick videos:

Watch Andrea Pirlo bend the ball into the upper corner. Pirlo makes it look so easy. I don't think he could have put the ball any closer to the upper corner if he shot the ball out of a laser type rocket.



What with Thierry Henry potentially retiring from professional soccer (football), it seems worthwhile to show Henry taking this amazing free kick during his Arsenal days. Watch how he bends the ball into the corner from a pretty long ways out.


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