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Hahnemann to Seattle?

Marcus Hahnemann to reunite with the Seattle Sounders – the MLS version?

He’s from the Seattle area you know, having played college ball at Seattle Pacific and then joined up with the Seattle Sounders when there wasn’t an MLS yet, only the A-League. With Reading leaving the EPL, sadly suffering the drop despite their win against Derby on Sunday, I think you might see Marcus in Seattle this next season. He hasn’t ruled it out in the past:

"I always told everyone I would be here as long as Reading wanted me," said Hahnemann, who didn't rule out the possibility of playing for Seattle's soon-to-be MLS entrant in the future.

He’s on contract through the end of next year, as a new contract kicked in since he played in 20 games this season. Although the lack of a new contract was a frustrating aspect for Hahnemann during the season, as the club refused to finalize a contract but left it open-ended. The club didn't show much faith in him for the long term.

Recently, when asked about the MLS he had this to say in Yahoo Sports:

“It would be nice,” he said. “The Seattle thing is interesting – Kasey Keller (also from the Pacific Northwest) and I could be fighting over who is going back.

“But for now I don’t want to think about it too much. The Premiership is a big enough thing to occupy most of my thoughts.”

Don’t get your hopes up too soon, I’m sure a ton of other EPL teams would love to have his services in goal – he led the league in saves the past few years. His game is down right sharp, with Reading struggling he hasn’t been bored in the back, not too many games where he’s trying to stay awake by dancing on his toes as he scans the endless possesssion his team is enjoying. And, with all the Red Bull he drinks before the game, I don’t think that staying awake is a problem for him. There's most likely a perpetual darting back and forth of cells communicating to one another as the Red Bull and the Metallica play in his head.

Clubs towards the bottom half of the table might have an interest in the keeper and or maybe add Marcus as a backup for an international keeper that tends their goal. However, Hahenmann might just be called up by the U.S. too and I don't think Marcus is looking to sit on the bench for any club. I was thinking of David James at Portsmouth though, since he's England keeper from time to time and they could use a backup or replacement – since James game fluctuates so much it.

The keeper we’re talking about right now as possibly moving to Seattle’s MLS team could very well have been Kasey Keller, but Fulham were saved from the drop as his team went on an amazing winning streak in the last four weeks of the season.

I doubt Hahnemann would want to play again in the Championship division. Who would? Especially after having had a long drink of EPL football, playing in the Theatre of Dreams can't really compare with much else in football.

So the question is, would he want to play in the MLS just yet? Returning to Seattle would inspire a club that's already sold upwards of 15K season tickets. He's a legend up in the Northwest and they would relish his return.

That said, Marcus is still relatively young for a goalkeeper at 35. He’s got a lot of game in him still, including a possible World Cup in South Africa in 2010 with the American side. Some of the world’s best keepers have a few years on Hahnemann for example: Edwin van der Sar is 38; Oliver Kahn is 39; Brad Friedel is 37; Kasey Keller is 38. I'd say it's too hard to pass up the day in day out intensity of the EPL, the MLS will have to wait.

UPDATE: Hahnemann says he'll be back with Reading next year and determined to bring them back to the EPL:

“And I want to get this team back in the Premier League and do whatever it takes.”

Extra: Marcus penned a Premier League diary a while back, take a look.

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