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How to Kiss a Trophy

Brazil, who has a lot of experience winning trophies, as five time World Cup champions and now three time Confederations Cup champions, shows you how to properly kiss a trophy.

It seems they have one rule: everyone gets a chance to show their love and kiss the top of the trophy. It starts with captain Lucio and then goes to Maicon and then on to Kaka and on to Julio Cesar (who not only kisses the trophy but gives it a couple love taps) and then to Robinho, and on down the line. The kissing starts at the 3.29 mark in the video below.

Yes, I think the United States should use this motivation. This trophy and the opportunity to kiss it was within reach. They were ahead 2-0 at the half. And they should also use this as a guide, as they've yet to win a major trophy on the world stage.

What would the U.S. players celebration have been like if they’d won?


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