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How to Play Like Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the talk of the town these days. Recently, in Tottenham Hotspurs Champions League match against Inter Milan, who happend to be the reigning title holders, Bale ate Brazilian defender Maicon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the previous match versus Inter Milan, he scored a hat trick. You'd think they would have figured out how to stop him. But it's just not that easy.

New: Gareth Bale dribbling drill.

Gareth BaleReuters Pictures

Gareth Bale is the rising star of the English Premier League, and therefore, who wouldn't want to learn how to play like he does. He plays with an energy and excitement that many players lack. He's not afraid to take players on, rather, that's what he loves to do.

Gareth Bale Versus Inter Milan

Let's look at some quick highlights of Bale dribbling past Maicon time and time again.


Bale loves to go right at defenders. Which is something defenders hate. But Bale is exceptional dangerous because he has another gear that he can shift into. He has a burst of speed or a change of pace that catches defenders off guard. If you want to play like Bale then you'll need to learn to sucker the defenders in close to you and then burst past them. One minute Bale is along side them and then the next he's past them and serving in a deadly cross.

And this is the other trait that makes Bale one of the most sought after players in the EPL: He can cross the ball. He serves the ball in at pace, so defenders don't have time or can't cut the ball out. Many times Bale will whip the ball around a defender and away from the out coming keeper. All the forward has to do is tap the ball into the net. Teams will pay big money for a player who can cross and dribble past defenders.

So, if you want to play like Gareth Bale you have to develop the ability to whip the ball in at pace. Bale crosses the ball much like David Beckham, as he wraps his foot around the ball to bend into the on running forward.

Keys to paying like Gareth Bale:

  • Change of pace
  • Whip the cross in at pace
  • Good speed
  • Strong on the ball
  • Shoot with power
  • Not afraid to go at players

Bale is often compared to another legend, Ryan Giggs. Both players are from Wales and play like old fashion wingers, who hover on the sidelines tempting defenders to dive in so they can run by them and whip in a cross. And like Giggs, Bale has a wicked left foot that he can both bend the ball with and then shoot for power. Take a look at this volley.

Gareth Bale Free Kicks

A few juggling tricks from Bale and then his top three free kicks.


Gareth Bale Animation


Gareth Bale Speed

And while Gareth Bale has had to hear the boos from the fans at Real Madrid at times, he's started to score goals again after coming back from an injury. This is a classic Bale goal, where he shows his speed and strength to simply out run the defender and hold him off and then chips the ball over the keeper after receiving a perfect pass from Isco.


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