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How to Take the Perfect Penalty Kick

Here's what you need when you step up to take a penalty kick.

Firstly you have to practice penalties. Practice makes you more comfortable and confident when you step up to take that game deciding penalty.

The adidas MiCoach Smart Ball and Smart Ball app will also help you to improve your game. See the video below.

Now you can never re-create a game situation, but you can improve your technique. This will help your confidence and help you to put away a penalty when it really maters on game day.

So after your next training session, or if you are with your friends shooting on goal, take five minutes to practice your technique and following these four essential tips.

1. Before you strike the ball, decide where you are going to put the ball. Make up your mind and stick to it. Have confidence in your decision. If you change your mind, especially during your run up, you could miss it.

2. Don’t look at the keeper, keep your eyes on the ball. Keepers will try to distract you. Keep focused, make up your mind and score.

3. Relax, breathe in slowly. Compose yourself, don’t rush. Take the penalty kick when you are ready and be confident.

4. Aim for the corners of goal. You are most likely to score if you hit the ball with power and accuracy in the corners of the goal. It’s the hardest place for keepers to get to. Practice the technique of hitting the ball with power and accuracy into the corners and remember these four essential steps, and you will be more likely to score from the penalty kick spot. Make sure you check out our next video for some awesome drills to improve your penalty kicks.

You can watch the penalty kick drill here:


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