Ines Sainz Interviewed World Cup Stars

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And you thought the Ines Sainz story didn’t cross over into the football where you use your feet. Some might say the real football. Nobody can blame Ines Sainz, the Mexican sports journalist for TV Azteca, for being beautiful. And Sainz can wear whatever she wants to wear as long as she’s getting her job done.

What’s amazing though is Ines Sainz attacked a bunch of World Cup soccer players in June, and even told them they played soccer like different wild animals as if she was hunting them on a Safari. Well, attacked maybe isn’t the right word, but she got close enough to kill if she wanted too.

As she interviewed Messi, Villa, Xavi, Chicharito, Sergio Ramos, Higuain, Dani Alves, Pedrito, and even Landon Donvoan, it was almost like she was tempting and testing them, pushing her chest out, moving in closer, staring into their eyes likes she about to eat them up. It was all as though she’d been stalking them for days in the tall grass and had now finally come upon them – she was about to pounce on them and ravage them. Or at least that’s what most of the players wish she would have done.

These interviews were all in Spanish, so brush up on your Espanol before viewing. However, it’s all about the body language, so there really isn’t a need to understand the words just look at how the players stand and how she looks at them. She is putting them under a spell.

The best player in the game today, Lionel Messi, she compared to a dolphin.

When Landon Donovan was interviewed by Sainz she compared him to a cheetah.

Barcelona and Spanish midfielder, Xavi, she called the wolf.

Chicharito, the Mexican forward and now Manchester United player, who Sainz looked on the verge of eating up with a spoon, she called the Puma.

David Villa she compared to a shark. Don’t know how that quite fits into the Safari theme though.

Sergio Ramos, why he’s like a rhinoceros of course.

Argentine and Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain, why he’s a crocodile.

She called the Brazilian defender Dani Alves the chameleon.

Spain and Barcelona’s Pedrito was the cobra.

Who is Ines Sainz in all of this? What animal would she be? Is she the photographer or more a hunter? I would say she’s hunting and has found some willing prey.

Who knows what happened in the New York Jets locker room. Was it just some yelling and whistling that’s been blown out of proportion?

Sainz of course should be able to do her interviews and her job without all of that. Conduct interviews with out harrashment even if it was all in so called harmless fun. She should be shown some respect when she’s working. Perhaps they need to setup an area where the players can talk to her where they have their clothes on – a professional environment.

Besides all of that though, the obvious need for respect. What is this all about?

Look at Sara Carbonero or Temryss Lane or a host of other female reporters, are they supposed to dress like Amish women, and not show any skin? They shouldn’t walk too sexy or smile too big or wear pants that are too tight. Do we really want that?

There’s a certain lightness in other countries around sex and looking sexy. There’s a certain fun and pleasure in seeing beauty and not presenting it as something negative but amazing. Is there some machismo surrounding it? Sure, in some cases there is but I’d say it’s more about appreciating what a women looks like.

It’s sort of like when a girl travels to Italy and comes back and talks about how all the guys whistled at her and fawned over her and told her how pretty she was. She said they don’t do that nearly as much in the United States. It’s not negative attention let’s say.

There is a fine line though, or at least a cultural line.

In a way, what it comes down to is a cultural difference. In Mexio or Latin American in general, and in Europe, women show more cleavage and dress a little bit more sexy, let’s say. They wear tight jeans and don’t button certain buttons. Women sometimes don’t even wear tops at the beach. Have you seen the Latinas that do the weather on Mexican or Spanish TV stations?

Is it two steps back to adopt a less conservative approach. Is CNBC going to start hiring ladies who aren’t pleasing to look at? No. Are we all of a sudden going to stop wanting beautiful women to interview professional athletes? No.

There’s nothing wrong with going on a Safari and having a little fun.

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