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Kristine Lilly Coerver Coaching eBook

Kristine Lilly Coerver
Bill Barrett Photo

The wait is over! The Coerver Coaching and Kristine Lilly eBook for women's soccer is now available! If you want to become a better soccer coach or player, then get the Coerver Coaching eBook, it will make you a smarter on the soccer field.

Coach girls soccer? Are you a parent of a female soccer player? Are you a female soccer player yourself? Then this eBook is perfect for you...

Kristine Lilly has partnered with Coerver Coaching, the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method, to help women's soccer players and coaches get better. Together, Coerver and Lilly have created a brand new Ebook called, “Girls Soccer: Dream, Believe, Achieve”.

The Kristine Lilly eBook is a 74 pages and also interactive, which you can easily download to your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you're involved in coaching female soccer players, are a parent of a female soccer player, or are a female player, you'll want to check out this new Coerver Coaching guide by Kristine Lilly.

Coerver Coaching, widely regarded as the world’s number one soccer teaching method, and legendary U.S player Kristine Lilly, have launched a long term partnership aiming to improve women’s soccer. And now the Kristine Lilly eBook is here.

Kristine Lilly Coever eBook

Coerver Coaching co-founder and Chelsea F.C. great Charlie Cooke said:

“We really look forward to working closely with Kristine Lilly to help develop the next generation of skillful female soccer players & coaches globally. Kristine’s playing career is second to none in world soccer and her insights and life lessons are sure to help future players and coaches."

Kristine Lilly said:

“I have been using the Coerver method since I was a really young player. It certainly helped me in my career and I strongly believe it’s the best way to coach players. I believe our partnership will help players of all abilities realize their potential both on and off the field."

But that’s just how the training is delivered. The training is based on what others have called my unique experiences as a female soccer player: playing on the boys team, on my Varsity high school team, playing at the University of North Carolina, playing professionally for the Boston Breakers and finally my experiences playing for the United States National Team. Plus, it contains insights I’ve gained from teaching both boys and girls all across the country.

Lilly said her goal is to help and inspire you by sharing my experiences of playing and teaching soccer. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re a soccer coaching newbie, or you’ve been teaching for years.

Buy the Kristine Lilly eBook

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in Kristine Lilly's ebook:

  • What you should focus on in developing your soccer players
  • The difference between coaching boys and girls
  • How a simple *positive* change can affect the team dynamic, for the worse
  • How soccer can teach your players to have a successful and happy life
  • The essential life skills that are learned through the sport
  • What I consider my greatest asset as a soccer player (it’s probably not what you think it is)
  • Why it’s critical to have fun while playing
  • The effects of girls “feeling different” can have on your team
  • The differences between male and female players when it comes to praise and reprimand
  • What to focus on for the different age groups
  • What is important to players at each age level

Also included in the Lilly eBook...

  • My inspirational story of a successful woman and champion
  • My life and soccer coaching tips for girls and their coaches
  • Coerver® Coaching and my essential practices for coaches of girls
  • The lessons I learned from my different coaches

Buy the Kristine Lilly eBook

Here Lilly talks with Coerver co-founder Alf Galustian:



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