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Kyle Beckerman Cuts Off Dreadlocks

Breaking news! Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman has cut his hair. His dreadlocks are no more. Gone. Vanished. Poof. Why? He said he and his wife just started trimming his hair and all of a sudden he had short hair and no dreadlocks. Beckerman could have at least partnered with some hair saloon to make a little money for cutting off his dreadlocks or maybe he can sell his old dreadlocks on eBay! For charity of course.


It's hard to tell though, it almost looks like Beckerman kept a tail in the back of his head with one dreadlock? Not sure. Must feel good though to have that weight off your head. I always imagined that those dreadlocks were heavy, especially after playing a game and all the sweat. Really, if you look at the game across the world there aren't too many soccer players that even have long hair or dreadlocks.

Beckerman had the dreadlocks for 12 years - that's a long time! He's also out of contract right now with Real Salt Lake, but I'm sure there going to re-sign up for a few more years at least. He's 34 but his fitness and ability hasn't dropped off.

And Beckerman could have kept a braid like tail like Kingsley Coman of Bayern Munich. Or maybe a sort of rat tail like Argentina's Rodrigo Palacio...not sure where Palacio is playing these days after playing in the World Cup.

Actually, probably best Beckerman listens to his wife and just keeps the short haircut, much easier to play soccer with and you don't have to worry about anyone grabbing or pulling your hair tail.

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