Long Distance Juggling Skills

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Rodri Juggling

Once again, juggling skills at the highest level. This is nearly as good as Messi and Alves juggling before a game. Here’s Spain’s Thiago Alcantara & Rodri Hernandez doing some long distance juggling at training. If you can juggle the soccer ball after a long distance pass in the air then controlling the ball in a game is easy. Practice volleying the ball and juggling at the same time just like Thiago and Rodri. Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong and Arthur Melo also can do some long distance juggling. Thiago of course played for Barcelona, maybe that’s where it picked up the long distance juggling skills.

If you can volley the ball to a teammate across the field then it should be easy to volley the ball into the corner of the goal. The trick in soccer is to always increase up the ante and make this harder. Challenge yourself once you master a soccer skill to do it at a faster pace or under more pressure or in the air versus on the ground. Juggle the soccer ball ten times then twenty then while jogging then while ten yards away from a teammate then while fifty.

Here’s an even better video of Thiago Alcántara, Juan Bernat and Rodri Hernandez juggling the soccer ball across the field. The three kept the ball in the air using their feet, thighs, and chests, as they control the soccer ball, juggled it and whipped 40 to 50-yard passes to one another. Who needs to keep the soccer ball on the ground if you can juggle the ball in the air like this across the pitch. I think we’re going to see a goal soon where a team like Barcelona keep the ball in the air in a sequence of five or six passes and score a goal.

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