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Love Slap Mourinho Style

Can't wait for Inter Milan to play some Champions League matches against teams like Barcelona, Manchester United, or Chelsea - Mourinho is bound to provide some antics to the games and add to some more drama to what would be exciting matches in and of themselves.

Mourinho is sort of like Donald Trump, he walks and talks in his own style, demanding and arrogant as he buys and sells the players he wants like real estate. Both men get what they want it seems and fire whoever they please.

Jose's passion shows when his team's score and he celebrates along the touchline and is more amped up than some of the players. And, of course there's his notoriously good post game press conferences that they could charge money to listen to.

Mourinho is always stirring things up, wherever he is and no matter what he's doing. He could be at a professional wrestling event, believe it or not, and he becomes the center of attention. Or when he's a puppet on Setanta Sports, he becomes a viral Internet must see. Here is giving a quick love slap in the tunnel before a match to Carlos Puyol. The look on Puyol's face is priceless.


If Inter Milan ever end up playing Chelsea in the Champions League I'd love to be there to see it live. But if the game is in London tickets are going to be impossible to get. Slap happy Mourinho's love taps will be doled out to all his former stars - Deco, Drogba, and Lampard.

Boy would Mourinho like to have Deco on his side, did you see that free kick this past weekend versus Wigan? Deco's got two goals in two games.

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