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Highlights: Manchester United Versus Manchester City

The derby was all that it was supposed to be. Tevez had his had in the game but it was Michael Owen who sealed the victory for Ferguson's side in the very late stages of injury time.

Do United always get a little bit more time when they're playing at home? Mark Hughes was in the face of the referees after the Owen goal. But United somehow always find a way to win. Many teams might get some favored extra injury time at home, but not get the goal, whereas United smash home that crushing late goal on a regular basis.

Manchester United 4/3 Manchester City

According to Sky Sports, the extra time that was added on in the Manchester United versus Manchester City game was correct. They stated that the referee added on 30 seconds when Manchester made a substitution and then an additional 55 seconds for excessive celebration after Craig Bellamy’s goal. So the four and a half minutes shown on the board and then playing six and a half minutes seems to be correct, give or take a few seconds.

The main point though is Manchester United scored off a marvelous Ryan Giggs pass and Michael Owen goal. So many teams have the time but don’t score those dying minutes goals, United do. That’s why they keep winning. They never give up.

Must be very frustrating for opposing teams, and Mark Hughes, who it seems didn’t get along with Ferguson while he played at United, but as they say, so it goes. Overall, it’s nice to have another team in Manchester City, to stir up the pot and add some more excitement to the EPL.

Hat tip to for pointing me to the video.

Ferguson's Thoughts - Best Derby Ever


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