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Lionel Messi Loves to Drink Mate

What kind of tea does Lionel Messi drink? At first I thought it was just Barcelona's Luis Suarez who loved to drink mate but it seems Messi too has been drinking mate tea all along. It makes sense, since mate tea of course comes from Argentina, but whereas Suarez carries his mate everywhere he goes, Messi seems to take sips from Suarez's mate container and drink it more at home. That's changing...

Or, could it be that slowly but surely Suarez has gotten Messi to drink mate tea more often and now he's hooked on mate - and starting to drink it as much as Suarez does? It's also interesting that the recent good form of the Barcelona team, even with Neymar leaving to PSG, has come with Messi drinking more mate. Is mate the secret to Barcelona's success this year in La Liga....?

New: Paul Pogba Drinking Mate

Here's Messi drinking some mate tea right before a big game...

Messi relaxing and drinking some mate tea at home.

Here's Messi drinking some of Suarez mate while Barcelona are on tour in the United States, I believe. Once Messi started scoring so many goals after drinking mate I just don't think he could stop. And remember when Messi missed those penalty kicks, that must have been when he wasn't drink mate. I'm just joking but you get the idea. Soccer players are a bit superstitious and like to stick to their routines...It's also true that Messi has started to score more free kicks since he's drinking more mate....


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