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The Greatest Christmas Gift Ever: Lionel Messi on the Pot

Yes, this is somewhat of a tradition in many parts of Spain. What can you put in your son or daughter's stocking this year if their favorite player is Lionel Messi?

Well, why not a little image of him going poop. Or at least trying to go poop while holding on to what looks like a soccer ball. Not sure if there's a Cristiano figure going poop or not, but I'm sure both Barcelona and Real Madrid fans would buy it.

Messi Going Poo
Getty Images

This is a ceramic figure of the Barcelona and world's greatest player going to the bathroom. Who doesn't want one of these? Yeah, this is for reals. And yes I think that's a little swirl of poo towards the back of his feet.

I guess statuettes of well known people defecating are a very popular tradition in Catalonia, going back as far as the 18th century, when Catalonians would hide little figures or caganers (poopers) in Christmas Nativity scenes and make a game of it, you had to fine the pooper in the scene. I wonder if they put these poopers next to the baby Jesus?

Believe it or not, the figures are symbols of fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year. I wonder how Messi feels about all this. Gives knew meaning to Messi's last name. 

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