Breaking News: Michael Bradley’s Wife is Gorgeous

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Michale Bradley, the hardest working American soccer player of all-time making a name for himself in Italy.

Ok, so it’s clear the Michael Bradley’s wife is just beautiful. The American midfielder is recently married and is now settling into life in Verona, Italy quite nicely it looks like with his again, gorgeous wife, and little doggie Oliver. It’s no wonder Bradley has been playing so well lately.

Bradley made 31 appearances for the Serie A club Chievo Verona and earned the nickname “The General” by the fans.

It’s a refreshing look at Bradley, who’s always so deadly serious and such a professional. It’s good to see him laugh a bit. He’s also sporting a cool leather jacket and James Dean t-shirt. And he seems to speak a fair amount of Italian, too.

I wonder if Bradley’s wife will appear in Sports Illustrated like Clint Dempsey’s wife.

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