MLS Needs a DP WAG

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Is there a WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) culture in the MLS yet? And in the offseason of the MLS, everyone talks about what new DP (Designated Player) a team will sign for the next year, but there’s never any talk about a DP wife getting signed – maybe there should be.

Landon & KajlichBesides Beckham and Donovan’s respected wives, Victoria Beckham and Bianca Kajlich, who else has a wife who walks the walk and talks the talk let’s say? Is this really what’s holding back the MLS, there’s no WAG culture? More than anything, does the MLS really just need a DP wife from England, Italy or Spain to take it to the next level? A current WAG from Europe who can come develop the WAG culture in the United States.

Yeah, if her husband can play a bit of soccer too, then that makes it a win win.

Posh & BeckhamActually, wasn’t that the trade behind the trade with Beckham? Posh’s real purpose was to develop a WAG culture in the United States to boost the interest of the female fans with an eye for fashion and an ear for gossip. But instead of being seen with other player’s wives at the games and around town, Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham has gone full tilt into Hollywood and fashion, she’s skipped past her first duty and didn’t mentor any other’s players wives. Posh didn’t start a Sex in the City or female Entourage type of crew. She went right to the top, hanging with Tom and Katie Holmes, and sitting front row at runway shows rather than at MLS games with LA Galaxy wives. She has no time for Mrs. So and so MLS. And now, she just might be in Milan shopping to no end. There might be no saving her or reviving her WAG traits.

One woman who could single handedly lead the WAG culture in the MLS is the wife of Ben Olsen, but he’s sadly on the verge of a forced retirement due to a nasty ankle injury. And thus, is wife can’t take on the role the WAG representative for the MLS. If you’ve sifted through any forums about the Dick’s Sport Goods MLS commercial with Ben Olsen, the main question about the commercial is more often than not, is that Olsen’s wife? And then there’d be the, ‘she’s a hottie’ comment. She is the best thing about the whole commercial.

Yeah, I know this is farfetched and ridiculous topic to even write about. Maybe the best thing and the truest thing to do is push for all MLS teams to have cheerleaders if there’s no chance for a WAG culture. It’s something the MLS could easily afford.

Of course, clearly, the most logical thing to do is continue to build good clubs like Houston, DC United, and New England – teams that play good soccer and will develop fans for the long term. But that just seems too right and too smart.

In truth, it just takes time and patience to build up a following of loyal fans. Manchester United wasn’t built in a day. There’s no need to stir the pot with more paparazzi snapping photos of wives and girlfriends at soccer games, even if it could help generate buzz and press for the fourth U.S. sport. It could be fun though – why not have the MLS take part?

Actually, the reason there’s no WAG culture in Major League Soccer is there’s no money. How can you buy your wife or girlfriend or even mistress that fur coat or diamond ring on a salary less than what the average American makes?

A true wife or girlfriend in the true WAG culture sense, if you could call it a culture, demands the best and most expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, vacations, houses, and so on. If you’re a player making less than $50K you just can’t handle those demands, you’ve got to worry about your own car payment and mortgage – if you’re lucky enough to own a home on an MLS salary.

And, with the current state of the world economy, the whole WAG culture in England, Spain, and Italy might just collapse too. Can you say bailout. What would the acronym be for this government bailout? Want Attention Gals.

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