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MLS Tryout Video (NOT)

Look out MLS, there's a new star coming your way. He might even get David Beckham money, he'll sell so many shirts and headbands. This video is from David Case: jokester, comedian, wannabe actor perhaps, and Major League Soccer hopeful.

Well, that last part is a joke, as Case has made a joke video, which he says he's actually going to send to MLS teams in hopes that they sign him - all 15? Don't know why the other three miss out on the video.

In truth, as he'll tell you himself most likely, he has absolutely zero ability, perhaps for any sport, not just soccer.

He demonstrates how he takes corner kicks and penalty kicks, his dribbling skills, and his diving and faking injuries tricks, even his keeper skills. He takes one good corner kick, even swinging his arm up like Beckham, and he does show some enthusiasm as a keeper in goal, but that's it. There's nothing he excels at, even though he's not trying to actually play (hopefully), except wearing that headband, and it would have been funnier if he had wore a snood, a thick one on a hot day.

In the end, he's just lucky he didn't hurt himself during the making of this video. Or, perhaps he edited that part out. If he'd all of a sudden busted out some soccer skills then I think I would have been impressed. Take a look.


In his own words:

"Video made to show my skills to all the major league soccer teams and hopefully get noticed. I have pristine athleticism and i am a team player first, i have superior accuracy, passing, corner kicks, and i can also play goalie. I am a great actor and have won the flop award for my high school team all four years. Looking to make my skills known and become pro"

It is an attempt at a funny viral video, although as soon as I saw the American football jersey/shirt and headband he was wearing you knew it was a joke.

Not to be too serious about this, but what the video does show is soccer isn't a sport you can just pick up and be an expert at in a few short weeks, months, or even years. Not that David Case was trying to do that, he was just having some fun.

Even still, it's evident through the video that soccer is a game that takes time to reach a certain level of play. To develop skills on the ball takes years of dedication. Touch on the ball is a required if you want to play at a high level.

Just ask Ocho Cinco, who recently tired out for the MLS team in Kansas City. He had the speed and athletic ability to play, and the charm, but hadn't spent time with a soccer ball since high school - he'd picked the NFL instead of soccer - and just wasn't able to keep up with the speed of play and technical ability required in the MLS.

What do you think, funny or just a dumb attempt at a viral video?

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