New Nike USA Jersey in Playboy

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No, this woman isn’t a part of the women’s national team. No, she’s not a player in the Women’s Professional Soccer league. No, she’s not a rising star in the college ranks. She’s a model for Playboy and her name is Danielle Fornarelli. She’s wearing the new U.S. Men’s National Team 2010 World Cup home kit by Nike and taking the Internet and soccer community by storm.

Everyone wants to know who she is and if they can get her to play for their team. This question is though, did she every play soccer? And, will she be watching the World Cup? And, as they said in the intro of the Playboy article, many wish she’d make like Diego Forlan after he scores a goal.

Danielle Fornarelli

Do you like the USA away jersey better? She’s modeling that one too.

But there’s been some controversy surrounding Nike and USSF choosing to let Nike run with a campaign like this. The images above are pretty tame, but over at Playboy there are a few more shots that are NSFW.  Who are they aiming at with this ad campaign? Trying to convert the American sports fan into a soccer fan? Or maybe just trying to get their attention. Which this will do for a few minutes.

But I don’t see this as such a big deal. Perhaps it was unnecessary, and Nike doesn’t really need to do this, it might taint their brand more than help, but let’s say wearing in Mexico or almost any other country in the world. Sexuality is presented in a different way; just take a look at the ladies on any Mexican weather channel. There seems to be a little bit more fun and light heartedness surrounding women that’s not so much about objectifying them.

As someone mentioned on another site or within the comments of another site somewhere, just wait until we start seeing the ladies of the World Cup posted on sites around the soccer community. It’s all in good fun. What do players in the Women’s Professional soccer league think of the Nike ad campaign? Those are some opinions I’d like to hear.

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