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Nike Inspiration:  Become Legendary

When you talk about inspiring commercials, you might think of some of some of the now almost legendary Nike ads. Ads that are normally at a slow pace, with few words and powerful music, they’re the epitome of the combination of good art—words, music and images combined to make a point or tell a story. Nike has been consistent in their out pouring of inspiring commercials, from Just Do It to Michael Jordan's classy ads. The Nike ads are less ads then an idea or concept, a way or plan to reach your dreams and achieve your goals.

Watch: Nike Soccer Ginga: The Soul Of Brazilian Football

The Nike ads don't make me want to run out and buy Nike gear, and I like Nike gear, but they do make me want to do something, put some work in so to speak. They want me to chase my dreams. They want me to become the best soccer player I can be.

A Little Less Hurt


Life, and the way we travel through it is under our control, we can make choices. We can choose to practice rather than waste time partying let's say. Of course, a balance is crucial, you need to have other activities besides soccer or other sports. At the same time though, if you want to get to the highest level, you have to make sacrifices. The thing is it feels good when you do make those sacrifices and then start to see results. It feels good to receive praise. It feels good to have the endurance to make that last run in the game. It feels good to beat someone on the dribble. It’s addicting.

But I bring up these Nike ads because that’s what I wanted this soccer site to accomplish in a way. I wanted it to inspire players to strive for the highest level, no matter where they’re from or how big, small, short, fast or slow those players are. There are too many tales of players who’ve overcome. Stories of players who’ve had injuries that nearly prevented them from achieving their dreams. Players who were told that couldn’t do something.

Dream Crazy

This Nike ad features two soccer stars in it: Alphonso Davies and Alex Morgan.


One idea that I think is also crucial, is that you need a support system to achieve your goals. You can’t do it all on your own. Sure, to get to the highest level you have to train on your own, spend time when others aren’t. But going at it alone makes something hard even harder. Listen to your coaches, listen to people you respect, let people help you and share in your dream. And keep going, sounds cliché but go ahead and take on a challenge you might fear. They way you overcome that fear is through practice and then via experience.


Many of these ads happen to be about hoops, but the inspiration is there, no matter if in this sport you use your hands rather than your feet.


It's Not About the Shoes

Here's another one with Kobe  

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