Paraguay Fan with Cell Phone Between Boobs

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The most famous fan from Paraguay. Is that the new iPhone? Pretty inventive place to keep your cell phone I’d say. She might be the most popular soccer fan across the Internet for this 2010 World Cup in South Africa. And her name is Larissa Riquelme, a Paraguayan model of course. I wonder how much she was paid to do this promotion. There must be some type of product placement plan going on here. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, so it’s now wonder that all sort of companies try to figure out clever ways to get some of this attention.

Salma Hayek is set to challenge the Paraguayan model in a hide the phone duel. The World Cup, the most popular sporting event every four years, brings out some interesting marketing campaigns.

Update: Not only is a cell phone company paying her to place a phone between her breasts while she watches her country play, but AXE (maker of grooming products for young men like deodorant body spray) has joined in and rented out one of her boobs. Looks like the runs over though, as Spain beat Paraguay to move on to the semi-finals against Germany. I wonder how much they paid for use of the space on her breast?

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