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English Premier League Top Contenders

The love for sports has made Australia a nation that enjoys the thrill of watching English Premier League soccer. They have the option make a wager on local sports, but also internationally. The Premier League is as popular in its native UK as it is in Australia and there are many ways to get the latest sport betting tips big games.

The EPL soccer league has been progressing well this year, with lots of games already proving to be intense and close. With soccer clubs starting to get into the groove and the line-up on the leader-board changing regularly, here are five teams that should be on the radar of every soccer fan.


Manchester City

The clear favorite (with 1/2 odds) to repeat as EPL champions again this year, as long as they stay injury free, is Pep Guardiola's Manchester City side. Their team is full of talent and play an attacking style of soccer that all the other teams wish they could copy. Thankfully they have Kevin De Bruyne returning to the side after suffering a knee injury early in the season, probably partly to blame from his run in the World Cup with Belgium. However, City have plenty of other players who can step up and score goals, players like Silva, Jesus, Aguero, Sterling, Sane and Mahrez.

If there's on team that could catch Manchester City and win the title it's Liverpool. Finishing second last year proved they are now once again a soccer club that's certainly one of the best in not only England but in Europe as well. Right now Liverpool are in third place and lucky not to lose to Manchester City after they gave away a late penalty kick. They will need Mohamed Salah to return to his goal scoring form from last year if they are to win the title this year. The chance of them winning currently stands at 5/2.


The Tottenham Spurs have been known as strong contenders in the Premier League all along. They might not have achieved the ultimate goal of winning the trophy, but the last few seasons saw them hovering around the top. The team's victory over Brighton in the recent game was a much-needed boost as they went into it after suffering three consecutive losses. This has resulted in odds currently standing at 33/1.

The Spurs still have a good number of games up ahead that they can easily win and regain a spot on the top. However, the one they need to be preparing for is against Manchester City at the end of October.

Manchester United

Manchester United has supporters all across the world, and Australia is no different. The team has a massive following Down Under, and their performance is always critically analysed be it among surfers on Bondi beach or between fans at the local pubs. Even with their slow start (they're currently at 100/1), they are still capable of pulling out a few tricks from their bag of skills and talent. They're surely need Paul Pogba to take over games now more than ever.

The team however suffered a minor setback as their previous game against The Wolverhampton Wolves ended in a 1-1 draw. Jose Mourinho was not happy with the way his team played but was also quick to applaud the Wolves for their gameplay. Placed 5th on the points table, Manchester United will have a steep climb to the top, but it is not something they can't do or haven't done before.


Among the top contenders to win the Premier League is Chelsea with 12/1 odds. A fan favourite, the club has been an integral part when talking about the overall history of football (soccer), and especially that of the Premier League. It is among the most followed clubs across the world and has an abundance of support in Australia who watches their games often at odd hours. Presently coming third in the competition winning 5 of the six games and one ending in a draw, the next few battles against Liverpool and Manchester United are bound to be followed closely by soccer enthusiasts and fans of the game alike.

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