Rafael Van Der Vaart on the Cover of Playboy Holland

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Warning, this is for our older visitors….

What with Euro 2012 set to start any day now, there’s been a blitz of soccer coverage across Europe to promote the tournament and the teams. I’m sure the players, after a long season with their clubs, just want to relax and not have to do too much media for the tournament.

I’m guessing they really had to drag Rafael Van Der Vaart to this photo shoot. He doesn’t look too pleased about it. Just look at his face. It’s like he’s in pain and suffering as he seems to guide the ball through the legs of the model.

It’s like the ball was about to go through her legs for a nutmeg and then stops. Wonder if Playboy is selling those soccer balls with their logo on the patches…

Actually, the model might be his wife, Sylvie van der Vaart, who has been know to turn a few heads in her day.


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