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Richest Clubs In Soccer (Football)

Really no surprises here but take a look at what seems like a few teams that you might not expect, Manchester City for instance.  There's a preponderance of English clubs, perhaps just an indication of the rise of the EPL, and the excitement of the league itself and a league relatively free of scandals.

Take note, this date is from 16 February, 2005, but I post it to more give visitors an idea of what professional football clubs generate in revenue.

1 (1) Man Utd 171.5m
2 (4) Real Madrid 156.3m
3 (3) AC Milan 147.2m
4 (10) Chelsea 143.7m
5 (2) Juventus 142.4m
6 (7) Arsenal 115m
7 (13) Barcelona 110.1m
8 (6) Inter Milan 110.3m
9 (5) Bayern Munich 110.1m
10 (8) Liverpool 92.3m
11 (10) Newcastle 90.5m
12 (11) Roma 72m
13 (18) Celtic 69m
14 (16) Tottenham 66.3m
15 (15) Lazio 65.8m
16 (-) Man City 61.9m
17 (14) Schalke 60.5m
18 (-) Marseille 58.3m
19 (-) Rangers 57.1m
20 (-) Aston Villa 55.9m

Source: Deloitte

Previous season's position in brackets

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