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Robben Goal Versus DC United

For me, juggling, doing all those tricks, in the end they pay off, because you're trying to doing the unexpected, the impossible, and every now and then it comes true.

But for a player of the quality of Arjen Robben, who has been sort of pushed to the side with all the new signings at Real Madrid, this goal, chipping the keeper after he juggles the ball up and lets it bounce, is not so surprising. Robben has blazing speed on the dribble and creates tons of problems for opposing teams. And, he has that little bit extra, as seen in this goal.


For young players though, and coaches, why not get your players to try to do things like this. Why not push them to do the rare and complex at times. The idea being your just trying to do the most difficult, so the simple is that much easier.

What you come away with, in trying to do the bicycle kick, hit the cross bar from half field, juggle the ball over a player, and or chip the keeper, is that you'll be willing do try other things, create more chances, make that clever pass. Things will open up and you'll build confidence. And, it makes the game more fun and exciting.

Of course, playing simple is the key to soccer. The back heel isn't necessary when you can make an easy pass. But if there's no other pass, why not hit the ball with the heel. What you're doing when you let players try things is allowing them to be creative and play with confidence. It is a fine line though, but you do want your players to try things, especialy when they're young.

If you can juggle the ball once and then chip the keeper, doesn't a one on one where you slot the keeper on the ground seem so easy? Doesn't controlling the ball with the top of your foot seem easy when you can juggle the ball over a players head. Doesn't a volley seem easy when you can do a bicycle kick. Doesn't sending a long ball seem easy when you can hit the cross bar from the half line.

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