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Should FIFA Ban the Vuvuzela?

Should FIFA Ban the Vuvuzela?

Image Source: Getty Images

What is a vuvuzela? It's a horn that makes the sound of a thousand angry bees. And when you have a crowd of 60,000 people blowing the trumpet like plastic horns that cost a few dollars, it can sound like a incredibly massive swarm of bees that's set to attack.

The players say they can't hear on the pitch.

It is impossible to communicate,” said Argentina’s Lionel Messi, the world’s best player. “It is like being deaf.”

Fans are taking to wearing ear plugs. What should FIFA do about it? The debate goes back and forth. Why should they ban something from the home country of South Africa. It's the way they express themselves. It's part of the game the players just have to adjusst and deal with it.

For me, the vuvuzela is fine. It doesn't bother me while I'm watching the games on TV. I don't know, somehow you get used to it. If I was at the stadium would I need to get ear plugs. I'm not sure. I just don't know how bad it is.

Towards the end of the game as the sounds of the horns pick up, it even adds to the intensity of the game. I say let them blow the horns all game long.

Perhaps a better idea would be to ban the new adidas soccer ball, the ‘Jabulani'. Players hate, as it moves too fast, bounces too high, and just moves in strange ways. Let the horns play and switch back to a regular soccer ball.

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