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Tale of Two Geovanni's

Two former Barcelona players have joined the English Premier League recently, and both have very close approximations of the name Geovanni. However, that’s all they seem to share these days.

One is making a name for himself at his new club immediately, while the other has yet to help his team make the waves they were expected to make, and his club stands near the bottom of the table. And on top of that, this Giovanni could be on his way out, with rumors that Chelsea might sign this young player in January. Which might just be this player’s saving grace.

The Geovanni who is making a name for himself in the EPL is the Brazilian Geovanni of Hull City. Yes, Hull City. Where he’s scored big goals and helped lead his club to a victory over Arsenal. Currently Hull City are in sixth position, Hull were on a six game unbeaten streak before crashing out to Chelsea 5-0 and then to Manchester United 4-3. Geovanni was a bit too confident prior to the Chelsea match, saying they were going to beat The Blues, but has the respect of fellow Brazilian and Cheslea coach Scolari:

“Scolari is a top coach and I do not doubt he will be a success at Chelsea, but I feel sorry for him because we are going to beat his team,” said Geovanni.

Scolari, meanwhile, returned the compliment, claiming Geovanni would be worth a place in his Chelsea squad, or any other at the very summit of the game.

Meanwhile, Giovani Dos Santos, the Mexican international, who was supposed to help the Tottenham Hotspurs finish in the top four, has yet to live up to his expectations.

Last year he was often compared to Ronaldinho, this year he’s been unable to hit the net and even make the bench on some occasions. Instead, the savor of Tottenham has been new coach Harry Redknapp, and he doesn’t seem to favor Dos Santos.

While both players had good runs at the Camp Nou, one has taken his club to new heights; Hull City topped the league for a period of time. Over in London, The Spurs were the talk of the town in the pre-season, with a load of new signings, and Dos Santos was one of the many fresh faces that would turn the club into a contender.

Really, I’m surprised at the fate of Dos Santos, who is a dynamic player with skill, strength and speed and who is just a youngster. I'd say he should avoid doing some of these ads though. Or at least go all the way, and pull out a sucker after he score a goal.


Surely Dos Santos will find a club where he can shine, if it’s not with Tottenham or in the EPL. Is there something I’m missing? Has Dos Santos been injured? Is his salary just too much and they’re better off selling him now?

The Brazilian Geovanni scored some spectacular goals last year for Manchester City, and the reason why he was promptly scooped up by the newly promoted Hull City.


At the end of the day though, it’s really too early to say which Geovanni will end up being the talk of the town. There are too many games left to play. There’s still time for Dos Santos to make a mark at Tottenham or perhaps with another club this year.

But, the Brazilian Gio could very well help lead Hull City into the top four and a Champion League place next season, if he too doesn’t leave on a transfer fee before then.

I wouldn't be surprised if the two players swapped teams, although it’d be hard for Hull City to let their Geovanni leave when he’s already a fan favorite.

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