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The Ass Pass by Cuauhtémoc Blanco

There’s the safe back pass to the keeper to clear the ball. There’s the brilliant and clever back (body part) pass by Ronaldinho. But now there's something more, we have Cuauhtémoc Blanco’s pass with his own back side. The ass pass or the butt pass if you prefer.

Yes the ‘ass’ or butt pass. Skip to the end of the video below to see the highlight clip. The ass or butt pass takes place at about the 10 minute mark in the video.

Sure, Blanco's got a bit more 'ass' to shield the ball than most soccer players with but you probably didn't think he could use it to pass the ball like this. I wonder if Kim Kardashian could use her booty like this if she played soccer.

There’s a fitness guru and sports consultant named Roger Spry, he’s a guy that’s all for the unorthodox and let’s say ginga that’s part of the game of soccer. Why do something that requires you to use more energy when you can do something simple? Why not use your butt to pass or even trap the ball.

Why spin and turn to pass the ball with your foot when you can use your back, your shoulder, your heel and even your ass. Why kill the fluidity of a play to trap the ball when all it takes is a simple touch to keep it going. Next time you receive a ball in the air, and it goes right to your mid section, try hitting the ball with your thigh, volley like, to keep the play going.

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