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The Kick Medic

Leslie Osborne (U.S. Womens National) and Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution) team up to demo and amazing soccer product. Classic line from the ad from Twellman: 'Get the training aid that's tailor made to improve your whole game.' For soccer parents, I say anytime there's a tool that helps your kids learn more about how to play the game and get better at it then it's worth it.

An effective Soccer Training Aid that helps increase repetitions by eliminating ball-chasing so you can get the most out of your practice time. Adjustable kick-length up to 100 feet accommodates practice and help improve Technique, Power, Accuracy and Muscle Memory for EVERY type of kick in the game (corners, free kicks, long and short passes and shots, punts)!

Comes with a FREE Training Video featuring Instruction from Taylor Twellman. Get the most out of your effort with Kick-Medic, "the cure for the common kick".

  • Endorsed by Taylor Twellman and Leslie Osborne - An Officially Licensed Training Aid of Major League Soccer
  • Return line is Fully Adjustable to ANY Distance from 5 to over 100 feet so you can practice ANY type of long or short kick
  • The most effective kicking drill and shooting drill to improve leg power, shot and kick technique and accuracy
  • An Affordable Alternative to Rebounder Goals - it is also portable, so you can take it with you down the street, to practice or tournaments
  • Suitable for ALL skill levels, SAFE for players of ALL Ages

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