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Top 50 Highest Paid Soccer Players (2010)

Portuguese marketing agency Futebol Finance has published a list of the top 50 footballer's salaries this season and the results are genuinely eye-opening.

Real Madrid has three players in the top ten while Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City all have two. The most under paid player, if there's such a thing, probably Wayne Rooney, who's been on a tear lately scoring in the EPL and the Champions League.

Futebol Finance's 50 highest paid players in world football:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, £11.3million)
2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona, £10.4million)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona, £9.1million)
4. Samuel Eto'o (Internazionale, £9.1million)
5. Kaka (Real Madrid, £8.7million)
6. Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City, £7.4million)
7. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid, £7.4million)
8. Carlos Tevez (Manchester City, £7million)
9. John Terry (Chelsea, £6.5million)
10. Frank Lampard (Chelsea, £6.5million)

11. Thierry Henry (Barcelona, £6.5million)
12. Xavi (Barcelona, £6.5million)
13. Ronaldinho (AC Milan, £6.5million)
14. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, £6.5million)
15. Daniel Alves (Barcelona, £6.1million)
16. Michael Ballack (Chelsea, £5.6million)
17. Raul (Real Madrid, £5.6million)
18. Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United, £5.6million)
19. Kolo Toure (Manchester City, £5.6million)
20. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, £5.2million)

21. Robinho (Manchester City, £5.2million)
22. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid, £5.2million)
23. Victor Valdez (Barcelona, £5.2million)
24. Frederic Kanoute (Sevilla, £5.2million)
25. Deco (Chelsea, £5.2million)
26. Didier Drogba (Chelsea, £4.8million)
27. Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus, £4.8million)
28. Francesco Totti (Roma, £4.8million)
29. Luca Toni (Roma, £4.8million)
30. David Villa (Valencia, £4.8million)

31. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich, £4.8million)
32. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich, £4.8million)
33. Ashley Cole (Chelsea, £4.8million)
34. Fernando Torres (Liverpool, £4.8million)
35. Gareth Barry (Manchester City, £4.8million)
36. Patrick Vieira (Internazionale, £4.8million)
37. Charles Puyol (Barcelona, £4.3million)
38. Andres Iniesta (Barcelona, £4.3million)
39. Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid, £4.3million)
40. Andreas Pirlo (AC Milan, £4.3million)

41. Willy Sagnol (Bayern Munich, £4.3million)
42. Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich, £4.3million)
43. David Beckham (AC Milan, £4.3million)
44. Wayne Bridge (Manchester City, £4.3million)
45. Lassana Diarra (Real Madrid, £4.3million)
46. Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United £4.1million)
47. Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal, £4.1million)
48. Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea, £4.1million)
49. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United £4.1million)
50. Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus, £4.1million)

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