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Xavi: Check Your Shoulder

If you play central midfield, then you need to look around you before you receive the ball. This way you know if you can turn and where the runs are being made.

Watch Barcelona's Xavi look behind him, check over his shoulders, to see if there's space behind him or if a defender is near him. Here Xavi dummys the ball at about the 2:10 mark in the video but looks first to see that the player he wants the ball to go to is there and ready to receive the ball. Throughout the video he's always aware of where his teammates are on the field.


This is good advice for young soccer players: before you receive the ball make sure you know what you want to do with the ball. How do you do this? You do this by knowing where the open space is, where your teammates are, and you whether or not a defender is closing you down. Check your shoulders like Xavi.

Next time you watch Barcelona, watch how many times every player “checks their shoulders”, i.e. how often do they look to the sides, and behind them, to know precisely where they are in relation to everyone else, adjusting their position, even slightly, based on the new information. The beginning of the video below is a great example which shows Xavi doing just that.

While we all know Xavi’s level of intelligence and technique, but how much better is he because he constantly has up-to-date “intelligence” (in the “military” sense of the word) on the field?

Here Cesc Fabregas, who learned how to play soccer at La Masia like just Xavi, looks around him before he receives the ball when he played with Arsenal.


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